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An experience you can count on : In 1994, Josef Hahn, the director of the accredited calibration laboratory

Calibration - reliable results - high quality - being competitive

Measurement needs results to count on. You can get the most accurate precision by calibrating your measurement equipment. Systems Engineering calibration laboratory provides a solid basis for high quality production: By calibrating on a high level standard  guaranteed by a national accreditation body which is recognised by government and assessed against internationally recognised standards. So you can get the quality you need.
Systems Engineering is serving many industries as well as other laboratories. Experienced in high level calibration of electrical and thermal measurement equipment for more than 40 years, we bring out the best of calibrating even complicated measuring systems. Systems Engineering undertakes also the task of managing your measuring and test equipment.

Clients appreciate the fast turnaround, the accredited on-site-services, services like repairs and  special measurement tasks. To know more about please contact us!